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  Salvatore PACK Tanino Therapy ABFD

Would you like to discipline your hair and have smooth, frizz-free hair for a long time? If that's what you want, discover the revolutionary straightening technique that we present to you in this OneHowTo article. This is taninoplasty, a new hair treatment that smoothes and deeply hydrates the hair. This technique frees you for a few months from the drudgery of drying and smoothing.

Hair tanninoplasty

What is taninoplasty? This is a new natural hair straightening technique that takes advantage of substances called tannins, hence the name of this technique. Tannins are polyphenols of plant origin which are obtained by macerating the skins of grapes, chestnuts and oaks. These elements are used in medicine to accelerate the healing of certain diseases, thanks to their anti-inflammatory or healing properties.

It has been discovered that tannins have many benefits for the hair because they penetrate inside the molecules of the hair, completely restructuring them. This is why taninoplasty acts on the cells that make up the hair by creating a protective layer. This helps to make your hair supple, smooth and resplendent with health. This technique is completely natural and, unlike other straightening techniques, it does not cause discomfort, tingling or allergic reactions.

Find out why and how Tanino Therapy took the number 1 spot in the smoothing world.

Salavatore Cosmetics, creator of Tannin smoothing in Brazil, now offers Tanino Therapy which is a Boosted version of its legendary Blue Gold, already a benchmark in Tannin smoothing.

Tannin smoothing have gradually replaced Brazilian smoothing by their effectiveness, hold and respect for the hair.

Hair that does not become thinner, that does not grease, no loss and exceptional hold over time, this is what Tannin smoothing offers and in particular those of the Salvatore Cosmetics brand.

Salvatore Tanino THerapy instructions for use:

After washing the hair with a clarifying shampoo, preferably Salvatore's A - Cuticle Prepper Tanino Therapy which is particularly suitable for this use, remove 50% of the moisture with the hair dryer

Apply Salvatore B - Capillary Styling Tanino Therapy tannin smoothing strand by strand from root to tip Using a fine comb, distribute the straightening evenly over the hair Leave to act for at least 30 minutes Rinse with water lukewarm to cold until complete elimination of the product. Make a very smooth brushing in order to activate the shine. Smooth the strands slowly with a straightening iron 10 to 20 times depending on the type of hair.

* Tips for using the straightener: From 180 to 200 ° C for bleached and sensitized hair Between 210 and 230 ° C for colored, normal and resistant hair. We accentuate the passage of the plates at the root and less on the lengths and ends to prevent the hair from drying out.



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