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List of products by brand Embelleze

Where the magic of life transformation happens!

Embelleze is the Brazilian company known nationally and internationally for transforming the lives of women through beauty.

Woman who is the door of life, who is full of dreams, and who brings in her hair her identity, her beauty: the beauty of creating life.

In its portfolio brings some of the leading brands of hair products in the Brazilian market, both professional and retail, highlighting Novex treatment cream and Maxton hair paint. Its product family has more than 500 items among treatments, hair dyes, shampoos and post-shampoos, as well as processing products.

Embelleze has subsidiaries in the US and Portugal and its products are present in more than 30 countries, including England, Spain, the Netherlands, Venezuela and Angola.

This is Embelleze, this is her essence, the company where the magic of transformation happens and that has the feminine look. A different way of seeing the world, a particular way of understanding and extolling the importance of women for the development of humanity through beauty.