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List of products by brand Nectar

The Brazil of Nectar is a professional cosmetic industry with plant in Muriaé - MG and is for over 10 years in the Brazilian market. Its industrial headquarters has a physical structure with more than 3,000 m2, and is considered one of the most modern cosmetic industries of the country, and has the latest equipment and a Department of Research and Development , which monitors global trends in the industry with dynamism and creativity to meet the most demanding users of nectar products.  
Thanks to the seriousness, commitment and ethics of its internal employees and their partners Distributors, currently the nectar of Brazil is present in the main cities of Brazil as well as five foreign countries with high level of satisfaction of users of the products. 
In order to cover the entire Brazilian territory through Official Distributors, we implemented the National Plan of Nectar Expansion offering the opportunity for the best professional cosmetic distributors meet the salons and their respective professionals through Direct sales of products Nectar of Brazil .
And it is with great pleasure that we invite you to be the Official Distributor Nectar of Brazil in their region.
As a business based on principles, the nectar of Brazil underlies all their actions and business with ethics and transparency. The assumptions that guide our actions also support our reputation for reliable company aware of our social responsibility and business, chasing the results honestly, fairly and lawfully.
This is how we created the Shared Value that is, to create the company's values, we do the necessary to create value for society and the groups in which we operate, connecting company success with social progress.
The observation of these principles and policies for each one in particular is imperative duty, non-negotiable for all employees and partners Distributors and object monitoring and periodic audits.
Are these guidelines that Nectar continues to grow, with principles of consideration, appreciation and solidarity aimed at harmony and strengthening the brand, if only because we are a family who is interested in the growth of each internal collaborator and Distributors partners.
Objective: Based on the continuous improvement of all processes, develop and produce the highest quality products for professionals that strive for beauty and hair health.
Challenge: To operate in the world market with quality and technology, anticipating industry trends for the professional beauty always has available the nectar products from Brazil as your best option, boosting sales of Distributors partners.
Philosophy: The business principles of Nectar of Brazil are summarized in professionalism and ethics, applied throughout the organization and to establish clear guidelines to all employees and partners Distributors.
Team: The company is formed by highly qualified professionals to meet all the needs of our partners Distributors and consumers.
Virtues: The virtues of corporate Nectar of Brazil are observed in all professional actions to achieve ever higher quality standards, reflecting the importance and the commitment we made in the market in which we operate.