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List of products by brand Fit Cosmetics

The Fit Cosmetics started its activities in 2010 to meet the growing demand for beauty products with superior quality in the beauty market. We know that transformations occur in all spheres and stages of women’s lives and, increasingly, they are now looking for products that are capable of enhancing their natural beauty.
With regard to hair, Fit Cosmetics knows very well how to please the female universe by offering efficient, innovative, sophisticated and accessible products.

Our high commitment to excellence and continuous innovation has made us grow and win the trust of our customers. At present, Fit Cosmetics is based in the interior of the state of São Paulo, Brazil, and counts with more than 120 items distributed throughout hair market segment.
Our diversity of products offers personalized treatments for each type of hair with visible results from the first applications. All of our products have high performance and efficiency to rebuild and protect the structure of hair strands, in addition to providing long-lasting capillary hydration.
Fit Cosméticos manages to transform and facilitate the life of women, bringing them well-being and self-esteem. We guarantee absolute satisfaction for translating fashion trends and the needs of the female audience into real beauty. After all, for Fit Cosmetics, beauty is a right of all.

Fit Cosmetics also deals with ongoing partnership, respect, support and assistance to its partners, distributors and hairdressers. The mission of serving our partners well, always with ethics, quality and good taste, consolidates us more and more in the monitoring of cosmetics. Today, Fit Cosméticos already sells its products in all the states of Brazil: we have many distributors all over the national territory that help us not only in supplying shelves with our products, but also in realizing many beauty dreams.

With ethics, responsibility and respect for the consumer, our Company fulfils its role guaranteeing excellence and quality in all of its final results..