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At first, we worked for more than eight years for a brand that served professional salons, this brand was small when we started. Due to our work she has become a major brand known throughout the country. Over time, the quality and production of the product were no longer the same, and consequently, there was a loss of customers. Where we started the Professional Paris, built from a great difficulty, we launched Professional Paris with quality products.

Due to our daily experience and knowledge of each client, we aim at the quality and technology of each product, obeying and strictly following the rules of Anvisa (National Sanitary Surveillance Agency). It was then that, for his faith in the family walk that Professional Paris threw itself into success.

Since its foundation, the company has been fully attuned to the new market trends. Evolving in quality through process improvements is the constant goal of the group. We invest in new technologies and the research of active differences and quality, working with the best components of the world market, optimizing the flow of the productive processes, increasing the quality of the products. All this allows the company to offer the best solutions in products for beauty professionals.

Care is a constant in the brand of Professional Paris and is everywhere - in the packaging, accessories, bags - in every detail. Through extensive market research, the brand has brought new technologies, essences and specific formulations, finding compositions precisely indicated for each type of hair, according to the plurality of the country.

Our challenge is to offer the beauty professional products of proven quality and effectiveness, exceeding expectations and guaranteeing the satisfaction of the professionals to the clients.

It is a great pride for the company to be recognized throughout Brazil for its organization and the quality of its products. We consider it even more rewarding to be able to dedicate ourselves to doing what we like, dedicating time in search of solutions to serve a select audience that seeks innovation and quality.

I am extremely happy to have led Professional Paris since its foundation, always trying to overcome the challenges of the beauty industry and market. We want to continue the work, always focusing on continuous improvement, aiming at achieving excellence in products and services to gain more and more space in the environment in which we operate.

I am aware of the constant challenges that entrepreneurs face. I believe that the greatest of them is being able to maintain a constant conduct of behavior and business ethics, be it with your customers, suppliers or employees, given the examples we are seeing and presenting solutions to what they are looking for.

All the achievements so far, thanks to the commitment of the Professional Paris family. Therefore, I thank you immensely for all those who accompany me on this journey. I am very grateful to the moments of joy and achievement, to the friends conquered on this journey, especially, employees, representatives and clients that today are part of a large family. Of course, without the support of this team of friends we would not have achieved so many achievements. I am also grateful to my wife, who has been able to support me all this time, as well as helping me to build a family that is always present in the company.