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Developing products for those who understand beauty

Our formulations are rich in various nutrients with unique characteristics, achieving incomparable results in a short time. The quality of the products and the results achieved has attracted the attention not only of beauty professionals, but also of end consumers worldwide.

At NaellyST, every formula is thoroughly tested with innovative assets and the highest quality standard to achieve the most surprising results, always prioritizing the best and most reliable quality standards. From manufacturing to product delivery, all lots are validated and monitored, strictly complying with Anvisa's requirements and a high-end consumer market.

With the intention of developing a strong and consistent market, leveraging sales through publicity and marketing actions, Naelly ST allied itself with the company FÁBRICA DE LISOS, which has know-how and expertise in the market, not only in marketing , but also in the standardization of online sales and presence in large scale and digital marketing. In this way our products are divulged and marketed exclusively by FÁBRICA DE LISOS, and by its registered and qualified resellers.

With this successful partnership we have become a new standard and concept in the professional cosmetics market.