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Beauty is the fuel for self-esteem, it is the essence to express what is already beautiful, is to like taking care of yourself. The care is to worry about being well, is to protect, love and respect what is most valuable. Harmony is what we do.

We believe in the balance between what is beautiful and what is healthy. We know that there must be synergy between both, and therefore we seek to develop the best formula for a more beautiful hair.

We use with propriety the best natural essences of the Brazilian flora and the highest technology, following closely all the stages of the processes with dedication and rigor, always aiming the quality of the threads and the well-being.

Our products count on all the artisan zeal. Each item in our catalog has the purpose of supplying the most varied desires and is distributed in the hands of those who understand and knows what is best for each client. We want our values ​​to be recognized by professionals seeking differentiated results.

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The Amino Plex line, thanks to its anti-damage action, makes it possible to perform staining, fading / straightening...
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Kit Argilo Detox - Sorali
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Kit Argilo Detox - Sorali

The Argilo Detox kit takes care of hair in 5 steps. It accelerates the growth of the yarns, ensuring the...
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Men Therapy Sorali

Complete line of daily care to protect, moisturize and restore the hair, beard and skin of men. Features 3 in 1...