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Prime Pro Extreme Bio Tanix 2x1000 ml

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EXTREME SHAMPOO: It is a purifying shampoo that cleans and dilates the locks of hair in the deepest fibers, eliminating free radicals without damaging the locks. This strengthens the hair and allows it to receive a higher dose of the product. Its pH is 6. (1000 ml and 300 ml)

EXTREME STRENGTH: FORCE-PLASTIA technology contains an acidic pH that is activated internally during the release of hydrogen. This process combined with a mixture of specific acids, smooths without damaging the fibers of the hair. This process avoids yellowing and discoloration of the locks. This also gives a 100% smooth hair in one simple and safe application. (1000ml and 300ml)


Luna Matrix: This latest-generation main ingredient works in all phases through the cuticle and cortex.

Violet 43: With blue and purple pigments, it prevents the yellowing of locks and also protects against the sun.

Keratin: Consists of 21 amino acids, intended to replenish proteins and give elasticity to locks of hair.


Comfort of use for the professional as for the customer.



No hassle

Without altering the color

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On wet hair, apply Shampoo Extreme Shampoo and massage evenly. Rinse and repeat. Rinse thoroughly to remove any remaining traces of the product.


Make sure the hair is dry. Divide them into thin layers and apply Extreme Smoothing Smoothing to each of them, making sure to maintain a root distance of about 0.5cm. After full application, cover the hair with a plastic cap and let stand for 35-55 minutes. Eliminate any excess of remaining product. The use of the shampoo is not necessary.


Dry the hair with a round brush. It is essential to leave the hair perfectly smooth. Set your hair iron to the proper temperature and apply 10 to 15 times depending on the resistance of the hair. For blond hair, do not exceed 180 ° C to prevent any change in tone.


Rinse hair and apply EXTREME MASK. Wait 3 minutes and rinse again. Style as you please. The result is a smooth, shiny hair without discoloration and a striking naturalness.


Note: The smoothing can be done a week before or after any chemical treatment of the hair: hair color, straightening, lightening, darkening etc.




Nanoparticles associated with a combination of specific acids, balance and improve the effectiveness of this smoothing solution.

Tannic acid:

Acacia Decurrens extract, it acts on the hair by releasing hydrogen and providing a smooth effect.

It contains antioxidants and has astringent, haemostatic, healing and purifying virtues among many others. It poses no risk to health.

In charge of the imbalance of the sulfur chain, allowing to smooth and transform the natural form of the hair.


Hyaluronic acid :

Anti-aging action

Forms an outer layer that helps maintain hydration

Helps preserve the integrity of the hair fiber

Preserves hair health and gives them a natural, supple and shiny appearance.


Lactic acid

Reduces resistance to the keratin compound, allowing the wick to take a new shape.

It is a blocking agent, pH regulator and acidifier.