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Wanting is power.  Prime Pro Extreme really believes in this phrase and reaches the United States with what is most innovative in professional hair care.  We agree that glamor and status are important pillars that support the industry, but we are keen to go beyond to increasing value and competence of professional Hair Stylists.  Quality, high-tech, and innovative treatments, are the differences that PRIME brings you. 

Daring to go to extremes is PRIME.

To cater to the professional cosmetic hair market, providing products and services of high performance, that are completely safe, tested, and approved within judicious quality testing.  Constantly develop innovative technologies and make them accessible to the international market surprising its customers.  To become profitable and to generate profitable partners.

To respect others and the environment where we live. To make use of these vital attitudes: honesty, punctuality, integrity, discipline, humility, ethics, and education.

To be a business model in the cosmetics industry, developing innovative products and services through a modern trade policy, being recognized by professionals and influential leaders for market differences.