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Our history began with a product and grows with values, ideals and great quality.


G.Hair, also known as the German Brush, is a product designed to straighten the most stubborn hair. Due to its superior composition and performance, G. Hair has also become a brand of hair-care products designed for straightening, stubborn hair treatment, moisturizing and replenishing. All G. Hair products are made with cutting-edge technology and tested to enable effective and safe results. We believe in innovation as one of the pillars for achieving a model of sustainable development and our main goal is to create and sell products and services that meet not only the demands of the market but the desires of the consumers with safety, efficiency and superior quality.

Inoar. Three pillars for a better company and a better world.

Inoar is inspired by you: consumer, customer, distributor, employee. Our reason for being is to create and sell innovative products and services that promote well-being and satisfaction and focus on quality, effectiveness, safety and socio-environmental responsibility, of the highest quality and at a price that is affordable for all our customers.


To offer innovative beauty products and services that promote well-being and satisfaction, and that focus on quality, effectiveness, safety and socio-environmental responsibility, with superior quality and an affordable price for all of our consumers.


To be a globally respected and recognized benchmark brand in cosmetics, favored by consumers and beauty professionals, by providing access to innovative products and services that foster satisfaction and well-being for people.


  • Respect for life
  • Respect for the individual and diversity
  • Integrity and strict ethical standards
  • Transparency
  • Honesty
  • Credibility
  • Quality
  • Leading by example at all levels
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Boldness
  • Innovation
  • Sustainable growth
  • Socio-environmental responsibility

G Hair Detox Kit - 2x1L

The G. Hair Detox line is designed to aid in detoxification and capillary nutrition. Combats the overload of toxins...

Inoar Argan Oil Kit...

Intensive hair treatment with all the benefits from the Keratin, Argan Oil, Macadamia and wheat proteins. It's a...

Inoar Vegan Kit Complete -...

The products of the INOAR Vegan line are formulated with vegetable, coconut and olive oils, which penetrate deep into...
Du €135.00

Keratin Hair Treatment...

The Inoar Keratin Hair Treatment System Kit is perfect for intense reconstruction of damaged h air or chemically...