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MiraCurl Modeler Triondas Deep Waver Nano Titanium 127V 110V 440F - Babyliss

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The Babyliss Modeler Triondas Deep Waver in Nano Titanium has an efficient design for the formation of deep and super defined waves in all types of hair. Provides the best thermal performance for the most beautiful, healthy and silky hair.

It is an exceptional heat conductor, maintaining stability at extremely high temperatures. Its surface produces maximum infrared heat, heating the hair from the inside out, styling smoothly without causing damage to the hair. In addition, it also adds Ryton® technology that is resistant to high temperatures, preventing deformation and damage to the device. The LCD display and the adjustment buttons help control the temperature, which can be adjusted between 150ºC and 225ºC, suitable for everything from thin and fragile hair to coarse and coarse hair.

Sol-Gel Technology:
The cylinder's sol-gel technology transforms titanium and ceramic nanoparticles from liquid to solid. This process results in a long-lasting coating that does not peel, resistant to chemicals and smooth, reducing friction and preserving the integrity of the hair.

For many decades, BaByliss PRO has stood out in the beauty and haircare market. The electrical appliances and hair care line are specially developed to allow the Professional to unleash their creativity. BaByliss PRO products are designed by hairstylists and cover all product categories (hair dryers, plates, stylers, machines and trimmers, etc.).

- Blue color;
- 3 cylinders with a diameter of 16mm each;
- Reaches 150º to 225ºC (300ºF to 440ºF);
- LCD display and temperature adjustment buttons;
- Extra long swivel cord;
- Ceramic Resistance;
- Releases ions;
- Frequency / Power: 60HZ / 60W;
- Voltage: 127V

- Length: 31 cm
- Width: 7 cm
- Height (Closed): 5.3 cm
- Cable: 272 cm

-01 MiraCurl Babyliss Modeler Triondas Deep Waver Nano Titanium 127V 110V 440F