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Photon Supreme Bivolt Photonic Accelerator Progressive Straightening - Lizze

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Its BLUE LIGHT provides better chemical penetration in the wires and RED LIGHT strengthens and reduces falls, GREEN LIGHT Hair renewal.

- RED LIGHT penetrates the applied site, reaches cells, and stimulates their metabolism. This translates into better use of nutrients, better elimination of toxins, acceleration of cell division, acceleration of epithelial growth with better healing, increased protein synthesis, reduced inflammation, and stimulated hair growth.

- The device has a BLUE photonic system that accelerates the action of professional hair services, such as: progressive, permanent brushes, dyes, balayage, relaxations, hydrations, reconstructions and straightening. In addition, Photon Lizze prolongs the durability of the procedures and the hair fiber is recovered due to photon interference.

- The GREEN LED causes capillary regeneration, activating the cellular metabolism and collagen in the capillary fiber through cellular microcirculation, bringing back the shine and softness to the hair.

These are some possibilities of use: In coloring, for example, the pause time decreases to about 20 minutes, instead of 30 minutes without Photon Lizze. In hydration processes, it acts on the second layer of the wire, eliminating the use of steam or board and without the need to work strand by strand, because the light acts on the entire head equally.

Apply the chemical to the hair and use PHOTON for 5 to 10 minutes,
then make the brush and plank and at the end use the photon to finish.

Main applications:
- Progressive, permanent and temporary brushes
- Hydration, Balaiagens,
- Cuticle sealing • Dye
- Relaxation
- Hair Therapy

- Reduces hair loss. The light penetrates the applied site, reaches the cells, and stimulates their metabolism
- You don't need to do it strand by strand, as the light acts on the entire head
- Higher power than the competitor's (5w)
- Tip does not heat up like the pens, because it has a cooling system
- Power is stable throughout the procedure

Advantages of Laser:
- Blue Led: chemical enhancer and accelerator.
- Red LED: The capillary LED is indicated for any type of hair loss regardless of the cause as it acts by doing PHOTOBIOSTIMULATION.
- Green Led: Hair fiber renewal, collagen production, hair nutrition.
- Allows you to have straight hair without putting your health at risk
- Decreased application time
- Softening of hair fiber
- Color durability (does not fade)
- Provides shine, fixation
- Alisa, Relax, Model
- Restructure the hair fiber for new chemical processes.
- Does not change the internal structure of the wires
- Reduced wire exposure temperature by the plate
- Opens the hair fibers and fixes the product on the hair strand
- Hair straightening and frizzing:
- Color pause time decreases 15 to 20 minutes
- Provides brightness, greater fixation and color durability to white wires
- The color does not fade, the process is faster exposing the hair less to the chemistry of the products and lightening the strands more quickly.
- The products act with more intensity, acting on the second layer of the hair in a faster time
- Products that can be used:
- Ammonia thioglycolate - Straightening
- Keratin complex
- Hydrolyzed protein
- Hydrogen peroxide
- Capcicum - Hair Therapy
- Pilocarpine
- Minoxi - dil
Note: The use of Photon Lizze is not recommended for hair treated with Sodium Hydroxide / Litium and Guanidine, due to the rapid action of these chemicals. Formaldehyde yes, but it is always good to do the wick test.

- Voltage: Bivolt (110 / 220v)
- Laser: 5W
- Blue, Red and Green Led
- Approved by INMETRO
- Gold color
- Net Weight: 300 g

- 01 Photon Supreme
- 01 Bag
- 01 Facial protector