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Photon Lizze Photonic Accelerator Progressive Brazilian Hair Treatment Bivolt - Lizze

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The Photon Lizze is equipped with high technology, capable of providing spectacular results in hair strands. This is because its 450 nanometer Blue light waves come in direct contact with the cuticle of the hair, obtaining more lasting and surprising results. When it comes in contact with the hair, the laser initiates the chemical reactions between the compounds of the product distributed in the hair, enhancing its effect and prolonging its durability through penetration and fixation of the product in the hair fibers.

BLUE LED LIGHT: Used for capillary treatment with greater safety and effectiveness, providing with rays of cold light, making techniques such as smoothing, hydration and relaxation healthier. For the use of the Photon Lizze returns the keratin to the hair. It is a photonic system progressive brush accelerator; final brushes; dyes; balaiagens; relaxation; hydration; reconstruction and smoothing.

RED LED LIGHT: The LED capillary is indicated for any type of hair loss independent of the cause because it acts by doing PHOTOBIOSTIMULATION. The light penetrates the applied site, reaches the cells, and stimulates your metabolism. This translates into better utilization of nutrients, better elimination of toxins, acceleration of cell division, acceleration of epithelial growth with better healing, increase of protein synthesis, reduction of inflammation, and stimulation of hair growth.