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MiraCurl Pro Italo Luminoso Professional Hair Dryer 2000W 110V 127V - Babyliss

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The Babyliss Pro Italo Luminoso Professional Dryer is made in Italy and is part of the Babyliss Pro Italo line. It has an ergonomic design and an innovation: the Babyliss Pro Luminoso dryer has 8 different filter colors, being able to customize the dryer according to your style. .

The engine developed with Italian technology, has 2000 watts of power, cold air button and air speed of 112km / hr. The Babyliss Pro Luminoso Dryer has an innovative design and 4 heat and temperature settings, as well as a cold release button, a centralizing nozzle and a removable filter.

Product characteristics:
- Italo Luminoso model;
- Ergonomic design;
- 4 temperature and speed settings;
- Cold air jet button;
- 1 concentrating nozzle;
- Removable filter with 8 color options.

Technical specifications:
- 2000W motor;
- Voltage: 110V;
- Outlet: 16A.

Product Dimensions:
- Height 22 cm;
- Width 18 cm;
- Professional cable of 2.75 meters;
- Weight 870 grams.

-01 MiraCurl Babyliss Pro Italo Luminoso Professional Dryer 2000W 110V