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  • MiraCurl Pro Nano Titanium ConiSmooth Curler / Straightener 32mm 110V - Babyliss

MiraCurl Pro Nano Titanium ConiSmooth Curler / Straightener 32mm 110V - Babyliss

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The Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium ConiSmooth Curler / Straightener is an innovative multitasking device. You will be able to do countless hairstyles with just one device. Its double cylinder is tapered: it has 32mm at the base and 16mm at the tip, the design is innovative and versatile.

It can be used as a flat iron / flat iron, the titanium surface glides smoothly on the hair, smoothing, polishing and smoothing the strands. The narrow design allows the heating plates to reach very close to the root, providing impeccable smooth from root to tip.

- With the plates closed, it can be used as a curler for wide or defined curls: by curling the lock of hair on the wider base, the curls will be looser and by curling the lock on the finer end of the appliance, the curls will be closed and defined.

- For curls with zig-zag effect, wrap the lock of hair in just one of the cylinders.
- To use the device as a double modeler and make S, sexy and smooth waves.
- Thread the appliance with the hair between the plates to make perfect spiral curls.

The incredible Sol-Gel technology
The advanced Nano Titanium Sol-Gel technology gives hair appliances greater durability, as it is resistant to scratches and cracks. It provides a reduction in friction in the hair and preserves the integrity of the strands due to its extremely smooth and gentle surface.

Sol-Gel technology gives the device a longer service life: it has concentrated levels of titanium and ceramic nano particles, its surface is 37% denser and more porous and 22% smoother than ordinary materials.

The far infrared heat penetrates the hair cell, heating it from the outside and inside. Emits natural negative ions that eliminate frizz and give an intense shine.

Features and benefits
- Conical cylinders for greater curl and wave versatility.
- Cylinders distributed to be used with straightener.
- It does not have staples that mark the curls.
- Nano Titanium Sol-Gel technology.
- 3 temperature options with a minimum of 300ºF (150ºC) and a maximum of 450ºF (230ºC). Ideal for all types of hair: lower temperatures for fine, fragile and damaged hair and higher temperatures for healthy, thick and resistant hair.
- Turbo heating button to boost the temperature increase.
- It has silicone guides to prevent hair from escaping while you are shaping the strand.
- Nano Titanium emits natural negative ions that eliminate static electricity from the wires, as well as frizz and goosebumps.
- It has extremely powerful and resistant ceramic resistance, quick and constant heating.
- Cylinder size: 32mm at the thickest part and 16mm at the tip.
- Professional swivel cord.

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