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Gammapiù Professional 5555 Turbo Tormalionic Hair Dryer 220V 1900W - Babyliss

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The Gammapiù 5555 Turbo Tormalionic Hair Dryer is ideal for faster hair drying. Its resistance, design and internal components make hair with thick textures and voluminous hair dry faster. The Dryer contains Ions technology, giving the hair vivacity and shine. Its maximum temperature reaches 180ºC emitting an efficient heat when drying your hair.

- Power at 110v voltage: 1900w;
- Power at 220v voltage: 2300w;
- Socket: 110V (16A) and 220V (10A);
- Weight 700 grams;
- Double wave resistance: the temperature remains high throughout the air;
- Rounded side buttons: with cold air function;
- Ion technology: Ionizes the hair air, giving it vitality and shine;
- Accompanies: concentrating nozzles.

-01 MiraCurl Gammapiù Professional 5555 Turbo Tormalionic Dryer 220V 1900W