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MiraCurl PRO SuperMotor Barber Hair Cutting Machine 110V 127V 15W - Babyliss

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The BaByliss PRO SuperMotor Barber Cutting Machine was developed for professional use. It has a magnetic motor: a combination of high performance that allows its use for a longer time without losing power, and can be used on dry or damp hair.
In this Barber edition, the SuperMotor Cutting Machine has a silent motor of 15w and a professional cable of 3 meters, in addition to the ergonomic design, giving more agility, autonomy and space for the professional. The SuperMotor Barber Cutting Machine is really: powerful, ergonomic and quiet.

The BaByliss PRO SuperMotor Barber has a stainless steel carbon blade, which stays sharp for longer, prolonging its performance, a complete accessory kit with 8 removable combs, with a variety of sizes, heat resistant comb, lubricating oil, cleaning brush and blade protector.

Removable combs included:
# 1 - 1/8 "(3mm)
# 2 - 1/4 ”(6mm)
# 3 - 3/8 "(10mm)
# 4 - 1/2 ”(13mm)
# 5 - 5/8 "(16mm)
# 6 - 3/4 ”(19mm)
# 7 - 7/8 "(22mm)
# 8 - 1 "(25mm)

Product characteristics:
· Long-lasting electromagnetic motor;
· Stainless steel carbon blade;
· Ergonomic design;
· Can be used both on dry or damp hair;
· Cutting length adjustment lever;
· Power 15W;
· 3 meter cable.

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