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Spray Level (300ml) - Evolpy Liss

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Level Spray is a powerful, chemical-free straightener that works effectively on unruly hair, making it smoother over a long period of time, eliminating all frizz even after several washes. Reduces drying time by 70%. The only one with Efeito Memória, the more used, the smoother the hair gets, with its smart action that offers a lasting straightening with nourishment, lightness, radiant shine and full finish.


How to use:

After washing and conditioning the hair, wipe off the moisture with a towel. Spray the Level Spray over the full length of the wire. Then dry using the brush and, if you prefer, finish with the straightening or curling board, prolonging the smooth effect without frizz.



Keep out of reach of children and excessive heat. Store in a cool place away from light. In case of accidental contact with eyes, rinse immediately. External use.