Miracle Volume Therapy Thermal Cream 650ml - Truss Profesional Beautecombeleza.com
  • Miracle Volume Therapy Thermal Cream 650ml - Truss Profesional Beautecombeleza.com

Miracle Volume Therapy Thermal Cream 650ml - Truss Profesional

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Gel / Cream Thermal protector. Indicated for fine hair and with tendency to oiliness. Powerful finisher Brush facilitator. Thermal protector. Disembarking. Increases volume and balance. Provides extraordinary shine and softness. Form durable protective film. It recovers the hair structure by increasing the volume of the hair, being a great thermal protector.


Glow System: Intelligent technology asset that delivers extraordinary gloss in 3D effect gloss, nourishes and protects color from colored hair and creates a long-lasting protective film.

Bio Affinity Complex: it has constituent bioaffinity with the hairs, reinforcing its internal structure. Provides phyto-nutrients for damaged cuticle repair, restoring hair damaged by chemical processes or external aggressions (UV rays, wind, excessive use of the dryer and plank). It recovers the strength, strength and natural flexibility of the threads, leaving them stronger and softer. Prolongs gloss, prevents double tips, protects film form and prevents color change.

Nano Repair: Microparticles that deposit evenly on the hair, with high content of amine (positive) fillers, form protective film, promoting frizz reduction, color protection, internal glow, silky touch and intense conditioning.

Quatercare: conditioning polymer with anti-frizz action. It facilitates combability, provides body and maintains color to the hairs.

Bio-Cysteine: A smaller molecular structure amino acid that easily penetrates the hair fiber, due to the bioaffinity with the hairs, provides reparative action of the cuticle, forming protective film against external aggressions. Restores the flexibility and strength of the hairs, protecting chemically treated hair. Moisturizes and returns to hair, shine, softness and combability. It rescues the natural flexibility of the hairs.

Vegetable Protein: Vegetable proteins that form moisturizing and protective film and improve color stability in colored hair.


Apply on damp hair, untent and dry with hair