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HS.OS Capillary Revitalizing Shampoo is specially developed to care for fragile, damaged, porous or saturated hair by exposing chemical transformation products. It is an enriched formula with gentle surfactants that clean hair and scalp without aggression, preparing the hair for recovery and reconstruction of the hair, restoring the level of hydration since the first application. Can be used on all hair types.

The Neutralizing Balm HS.OS Capillary was specially developed to neutralize the wires and balance the pH of porous hair that undergo chemical processes. The perfect combination of assets reverses the static load, stabilizing risk situations. Enriched with natural seaweed extracts, Jaborandi extract and Almond Oil, it provides vitality, shine, softness and recovers the elasticity of the threads.

The HS.OS Capillary Reconstructive Mask has been specially developed for damaged, porous or saturated hair due to the exposure of chemical transformation products. It acts in the lipid and protein replenishment, due to its formula enriched with Keratin Amino Acids, Almond Oil, Seaweed Natural Extract, Rosemary and Jaborandi, that perform the perfect filling of the inner layers of the yarn and seal the cuticular layers, providing natural balance , hydration and total softness. It returns all vitality and completely rebuilds the threads leaving them healthy from the first application.

1- Revitalizing Shampoo / 1000ml

2- Neutralizing Baum / 500ml

3- Reconstructing Mask / 1Kg