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Kit Shampoo Intensive Clean + Beauty Effect Smoothing Mask (2x250ml) - Portier

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Portier Exclusiveis a fabulous hair alignment with a passionate formula that gives your hair a root-to-tip transformation.


Composed of Intensive Clean Shampoo and Smoothing Beauty Effect Mask, it has a high reconstruction and hydration power that promotes to the hair a three-dimensional effect, with natural appearance, movement and without frizz.

It is compatible with any chemical and hair having durability of 3 to 6 months except growth.


SHAMPOO INTENSIVE CLEANDeep cleanses hair by removing product residue accumulated in the hair fiber.

Provides extremely clean wires with full cuticle opening ready for treatment.


BEAUTY EFFECT SMOOTHING MASKFormulated with exotic oils with emollient action, lubricant and anti-frizz.

It acts as a conditioner, providing realignment of the cuticular surface, giving the hair lightness, smoothness and movement.

Made with Cinnamon extract from China that promotes reflective shine to the hair, Mirra that balances greasiness and hair fall, Olive that enhances the effect of hydration and Calamus oil that forms a protective film on the wires, keeping the realignment and hydration longer.

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