Luxury Treatment Honung Honey Royal Jelly Collagen Repository Kit 3 - Tyrrel

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 Tyrrel Professional Honung Honey - Trio Collagen and Protein Replacement Reconstructor Kit (3 Products)

Reconstructive shampoo reconstituting vegetable proteins and bi amino acids identical to the hair fiber. Indicated for chemically treated, dry and porous hair.

Gently cleanses the hair with its high power to repair damage to the hair fiber.

Regenerative mask of collagen, a fibrous protein formed by polypeptide chains of amino acids. The process of collagen formation occurs mainly during the regeneration of the structure of the thread, ensuring the total restructuring of the hair fiber.

Also enriched with royal jelly, its formula has a strong reconstructive power. Revitalizes and restructures the hair fiber, restoring the elasticity of the hair.

The Hydro Lipid Mask is enriched with butters and vegetable oil, recomposing the fatty acids essential to the hair fiber, with high repairing power and increased emollience and replacement of the hair mass.

Indicated for dry, porous, devitalized and chemically treated hair. It promotes high permeability of nanoparticles, acting as intercellular cement towards the cortical cells of the hair fiber.


Tyrrel Honung Honey - Reconstructive Collagen Replacement Capillary Honey Shampoo 500g

Tyrrel Honung Honey - Replenishing hair mask with honey and collagen 500g

Tyrrel Honung Honey - Hydrolipid Mask Protein Replacement Hair Honey 500g


How to use

Wash your hair with Honey Collagen Hair Replacement Shampoo, use it twice and repeat if necessary. Take a 3 minute break to maintain the effectiveness of the gentle cleansing action.

Apply the honey capillary of the Tyrrel Collagen Regenerating Mask and leave on for a few minutes.

Next, start applying the Tyrrel Hydrolipid Protein Replacement Mask strand by strand, aligning and gloving the strands. Leave on for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse and remove all product.

Finish as you wish.