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Perfect Curls Curly Wavy Hair Caracoles All Poo Nourishing Kit 4x250 - Portier
  • Perfect Curls Curly Wavy Hair Caracoles All Poo Nourishing Kit 4x250 - Portier

Perfect Curls Curly Wavy Hair Caracoles All Poo Nourishing Kit 4x250 - Portier

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Portier Caracoles was specially developed for curly and curly hair. Its action cleans, detangles, conditions and models effectively the dry, opaque and lifeless hair.
It acts by moisturizing and nourishing both the scalp and the hair fibers, providing the balance of the capillary structure. The result of daily application are hydrated and nourished curls from root to tip, with revitalized shine and incredible softness.

Creamy Shampoo - Promotes gentle hair cleaning. Enriched with avocado butter that hydrates and restores the hair. It forms a foam that washes the hair leaving it perfectly clean, soft and with much more shine.

Creamy Conditioner - enriched with avocado butter that acts by hydrating the strands from the root to the ends, nourishing deeply. Contains an emollient that provides hair conditioning, improving wet and dry combing, with lubricity, reducing static.

Leave-in - made with avocado butter promotes intensive hydration giving a high hydrating and reconstructive potential. It has a blend of 9 exotic oils, which recover damaged hair, reduce frizz and moisturize the curls, forming perfect waves without damaging them.

Intensive Mask - suitable for curly, voluminous and dry hair. With avocado butter that promotes hydration, softness and emollience from the root to the tips. In addition, it has a blend of 9 exotic oils that promotes the strengthening of the threads, maintaining hydration and elasticity.

In dry, curly, curly and curly hair that is dehydrated and lifeless. It is an excellent ally for bulky hair and difficult to control.

Portier Caracoles can be applied daily, in order to keep the curls hydrated, defined, shiny and smooth.

Yes, it is a great ally to straight, voluminous and dry hair that needs control and a lot of hydration.

How to Use:
Shampoo - Apply to wet hair and wash lightly the first time in order to remove residues that oppose the formation of foam. Rinse and reapply the shampoo by gently massaging the scalp until a rich, creamy foam forms. Slide the foam onto the ends. Rinse and condition afterwards.

Conditioner - Apply on wet hair, right after the shampoo, starting at the ends gently massaging the hair by sliding the strands between the fingers until they are perfectly untangled. Leave on for a few minutes and rinse well.

Leave-In - Apply a small amount of product on the palms of your hands, rub them and spread on the hair preserving 1 cm of the root, massaging gently until you feel that all the hair is with the product. Finish as you wish.

Mask - Apply a generous amount to the palm of your hand, distribute it between both hands and apply to clean hair, whether it is wet or dry.
Knead with your hands to activate the curls.

-01 Portier Caracoles Creamy Shampoo 250ml
-01 Portier Caracoles  Creamy Conditioner 250ml
-01 Portier Caracoles  Intensive Mask 250g
-01 Portier Caracoles  Leave-in 250ml