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Kit Shampoo+ Conditioner+ Elixir - Loja Terra Coco
  • Kit Shampoo+ Conditioner+ Elixir - Loja Terra Coco

Kit Shampoo+ Conditioner+ Elixir - Loja Terra Coco

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Isotonic Sulfate Free Shampoo

Isotonic Sulfate Free Shampoo is designed for extremely dry and thick hair. It energizes the scalp, tones and eliminates dead cells through the benefits of coconut shell and water. Contains grated coconut, rich in fatty acids that ends dryness, resulting in clean, hydrated hair, shine and balance.


All Coco Mask

All Coconut Mask was developed based on all parts of coconut and its derivatives: bark, pulp, water, milk, oil, butter, whey, wax and grated coconut - with the goal of eliminating excessive dryness once and for all. A mega treatment that melts in the hair fiber. Contains 80% of grated coconut, is considered a true capillary cocada and has a smell that makes you want to eat. You will be amazed at the wonderful result it will leave on your hair.


Coconut Elixir

Elixir de Coco brings together 2 champions of hydration and hair care in one product. It is a super-concentrated combination of natural oils that promote a rinse-free treatment for all types of hair, giving hair suppleness and fluid replacement instantly. Together they form a super elixir that naturally fills the strands' natural moisture, completely removing frizz and controlling the volume to your liking. A single application of Elixir de Coco recovers extremely damaged hair, accentuates curls, streaks and hairstyles, with its dry touch, giving intense shine and silkiness.



Isotonic Sulfate Free Shampoo - 1L

All Coconut Mask - 1Kg

Coconut Elixir - 60ml


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