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Anti Emborrachamento Reconstruction 5 min Ony Liss 1kg

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Anti-Hair Mask Reconditioning in 5 minutes Ony Liss 1kg

Anti-Stabbing Treatment Ony Liss has a combination of 6 special ingredients that help manage the elasticity, porosity of the hair fiber at all levels. In addition to cauterizing and providing intense brightness and a continuous effect.

With the Anti-Mask Mask your hair will be healthier, smoother and recovered in minutes. It's a real SOS for your hair.

We recommend the use of anti-rubber before and after chemical processes.

Ony Liss Anti Embarrassing is indicated for all types of hair, especially rubberized, damaged and porous hair.


How to use Anti Stamping Ony Liss

With clean, damp hair, apply Anti-Scratch Mask and massage gently, use a comb to spread the product evenly. From a 5 minute break.

Remove the product from the hair with running water and pre-dry.

Then make a brush and separate the hair into fine wicks, apply the iron on an average of 3 times per wick.

Finalize as you wish.



01 Anti Emborrachamento Ony Liss 1kg

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