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Richée Soul Blond Repositor de Massa Btx 1kg

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Richée Soul Blond Mass Repository

The Richée Soul Blond Line was developed for treatment and maintenance of blond hair, mottled or with lights.

Richée Soul Blond Mass Retainer Matizador is an amazing thermo activated mass repository that reduces hair volume, realigning the hair and eliminating frizz while tweaking the unwanted tones.


01 - Richée Soul Blond Mass Repositories 1kg

Application Council:

- Wash your hair with anti-waste shampoo. Separate them in strands.

- With the aid of a brush, apply the Richée Soul Bond Matizador on the wicks along the length to one centimeter of the root.

- Leave on for 10 to 30 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

- Dry 80% of the threads, brush and divide the hair into 4 parts.

- Plank in thin wicks 5 to 10 times.

- Finish as you wish.


Healthy and enlightened hair.

Legal Notice: Essência Brasileira is not responsible for the misuse or misuse of the products it sells. Therefore, read the instructions and advice for applying the product carefully. Application is recommended by professional.