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Evas Ceramic Hair Brush W0313
  • Evas Ceramic Hair Brush W0313

Evas Ceramic Hair Brush W0313

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Brand: EVAS Professional
Model: W0313
Manufacture: Made in Korea
Description: Ceramic brush with holes
Color: Brown and Red
Bristles: Natural and Nylon
Handle: Wooden
Brush Length: 26cm
Cord Length: 14.5cm
Top Brush Length: 11.5cm
Diameter of the center: 2.5 cm
Overall Diameter: 5cm
Validity: Indeterminate

Professional Ceramic Brush Evas W0313
Specially created to smooth and provide shine to normal and medium hair. The Evas Brush W0313 has natural and Nylon bristles to provide perfect results without damaging the hair.

It has a wooden handle to adhere to the shape of the hand and make the brush firmer in the process of modeling, smoothing and brushing the hair.

The W0313 hairbrush is medium size available in brown and red color. The wooden handle with the upper part in red ceramic.

It has an indefinite validity according to the quantity, way of use and conservation of the brush. It is recommended that use be made with a distance of at least 5 centimeters from the hair dryer.

-01 Professional Ceramic Brush Evas W0313