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Progressive Royal Gold 24K Luminous Straightener Kit 3 - Beox
  • Progressive Royal Gold 24K Luminous Straightener Kit 3 - Beox

Progressive Royal Gold 24K Luminous Straightener Kit 3 - Beox

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Gel-based hair alignment system, composed of an exclusive and noble system of acids, proteins and oils, which realigns any type of hair leaving strands with natural balance, shine and extreme softness .

The formulation of the BEOX Luminous Straightener brush is exclusive and differentiated, since the base of this product is in gel, which allows better spreading and greater absorption of the product by the wires. Realign any type of hair, leaving it extremely smooth and shiny. The formula contains exclusive Shiny Gold, a complex of acids and oils that rebuild and hydrate damaged hair.


1- Before applying the Beox light straightener, carry out an analysis on the scalp. We do not recommend the application of the product in case of coat or damaged area, as the acidity of the product can cause itching and a burning sensation.

2- Moisten your hair to start applying the Beox luminous straightener. The hair should have 70% moisture. If the hair is very dirty or with residue from oils or pomades, wash the hair before the process with Luminous shampoo, removing excess water with just a towel.

3- Divide the hair into 4 quadrants. From ear to ear, separate the sides from the center, forming 3 quadrants. The 4th quadrant will be formed by the upper and lower part of the neck. It is essential to split the hair in this manner to ensure that all strands receive the product evenly and to ensure that the hair has a natural fit.

4- Apply the Beox Luminous Straightener near the root using a brush, keeping a distance of 1 cm from the root. Then, using a comb, slide the product to the ends.

5- When applying the product, separate them into fine wicks and raise them at 90 ° to prevent the product from coming into contact with the scalp.

6- The same procedure should be maintained when applied to the front quadrant locks. Keeping the natural trim, apply the product to the raised locks and let them fall.

7- If the top of the head is already dry when applying the product, moisten it with water. The water is conductive and will help in the absorption of the product ensuring better performance. During the entire application and pause time, always keep your hair straight and aligned.

8- Make sure all strands of hair are covered. Leave the product to act for 50 minutes.

9- Do not pinch or twist the hair during application or during the dwell time, because in a transformation process like this, the hair will be defined according to its position. This may have an impact on the outcome of the procedure.

10- If the client complains of burning or irritation on part of the scalp, clean the indicated area with a piece of damp cotton. It is not necessary to rinse all the hair and never use sharp objects to scratch the irritated area.

11- Rinse the hair with lukewarm or cold water (without shampoo), removing 30% of the product. On blond hair, rinse 100% before curling. Product residue can stain your hair when using the straightener.

12- To align the hair, dry from top to bottom using your hands or the comb with the hair dryer, removing 100% of the moisture from the hair.

13- Separate the fine strands and lift the strands at 90 °. Start feeding the board through the root and bring it to the ends, continuously. Plank about 15 to 20 times each strand at a temperature of 230 ° C. Hold the locks firmly and make sure the board is securely closed.

14- Do not bend or twist the strands when they receive the heat source, so as not to distort or form waves in certain points of the hair.

15- To avoid yellowing of blonde hair, avoid passing the plank repeatedly at the same point of the hair. Start using the plank at the root and bring it to the ends, without stopping at any time. Do not pass the plank at the same point of the hair in less than 1 second, as this action can generate excess heat and, consequently, change the color of the hair.

16- After cooling your hair, rinse your hair with lukewarm or cold water (WITHOUT SHAMPOO). If you identify any unaligned bit (s), perform the entire procedure only on the desired bit.

17- To intensify the shine, hydration and lightness of the hair, apply the Beox Luminous Mask after completing the procedure. Leave on for 10 to 20 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

18- To ensure customer satisfaction, blow dry your hair with the hair dryer from top to bottom, using only your hands or a racket brush.

19- Ask the customer to follow the same procedure after each wash. This simple process aligns the hair and memorizes its new shape, leaving the strands aligned much longer.

Luminous Hair Straightener 500mL

Luminous Shampoo 500mL

Luminous mask 500g