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Royal Jelly Hair Reduction Professional Use 1L - Naturelle

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Royal Jelly Reduction - 1L

Royal Jelly acts with clean and revolutionary technology in the area of ​​hair cosmetics. Its smoothing is promoted by the molecular filling and replenishment of collagen through hyaluronic acid and mechanical aid (dryer and board), because when large amounts of nutrients, such as collagen in the capillary fiber are deposited, the emolliency of the sulfur bridges occurs and by In the middle of the heat transfer they are molded, when this process is activated the sulfur bridges are fixed in the format that the heat proposes.


* Promotes molecular filling of hair fiber, saddle and adds shine.

* Strengthens and avoids yarn breakage, providing hair with softness, velvety feel, hydration and nutrition.

* Applied to dirty wires dispensing the use of anti-waste shampoo or any other chemistry, provides smoothing on any type of hair with up to 100% result.

* Can be used in pregnant women, children and the elderly.

* 0% formaldehyde.

* Does not yellow or fade wires.


Developed based on Royal Jelly, hyaluronic acid, cystine, quaternium-87 and nano-technological assets.