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Powerful Mask Forever Liss 10 in 1- 950g
  • Powerful Mask Forever Liss 10 in 1- 950g

Powerful Mask Forever Liss 10 in 1- 950g

The Powerful Mask Mega Power Forever Liss nourishes, repairs and moisturizes intensely in the deepest layer of the hair fiber leaving the threads protected from dryness caused by daily aggressions of time and high temperatures. Innovative formula with high concentration of Caviar Extract, Ceramides, Coconut Oil, Dandenol castor oil that restores the lipid layer of the hair and ensures soft, shiny threads that are fully hydrated and easy to comb. In effect web, and with sensorial ultra-emolience.

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Suggested Use

- Apply the Powerful Mask with wet hair throughout the area of the hair evenly distributed with a comb;

- Leave to stand for 10 minutes until the product has been fully absorbed;

- Rinse normally and finish as desired.Composition:


- Salon Result;

- Maximum Nutrient Absorption;

- High Consistency;

- Super Asset Concentration;

- Render Much More;

- Super Vitamin;

- Perfect result in 1st Application;

- Repair damaged and damaged hair;

- Gives shine and controls frizz;

- Protects from the heat of the dryer, flat iron and babyliss;

- Leaves the threads soft and silky;

- Disembark;