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Coconut Pulp Mask 200g - Terra Coco

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Mask with green coconut pulp without parabens and petroleum jelly. Its super hydrating formula replenishes vitamins and minerals that add shine to hair.

Coconut contains over 80% acids which can smooth and restore your hair. It naturally acts on cortical cystine and temporarily realigns the threads for at least 90 days. Green Coconut Pulp Mask is a super hydrating formula that replenishes vitamins and minerals in hair, promoting hair volume decrease, keeping hair in control and frizz-free. It is free from petroleum jelly and parabens. Gives shine and silky polish. How to use: With the hair already clean and damp, apply the mask of green coconut pulp strand by strand, put on a cap and leave to act for 15 minutes. Then rinse. And finish as you wish.