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Kit Hidrat Argan Tree Liss - 2x500ml and 1x500g
  • Kit Hidrat Argan Tree Liss - 2x500ml and 1x500g

Kit Hidrat Argan Tree Liss - 2x500ml and 1x500g

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Argan Moisturizing Maintenance Kit - Tree Liss

Pre and post-chemistry

Suitable for all types of hair.

Bringing softness, hydration and shine, regeneration of the hair fiber, smoother and stronger hair.


Super concentrated, unsalted, for all hair types

Indicated for daily maintenance promotes perfect hygiene of the hair and the scalp, giving hydration with lasting effect.

Elaborated with argan, it revitalizes damaged hair increasing resistance, shine, softness and silky.

Does not contain salt.


Super concentrated, nourishing and shine, without salt, for all hair types.

Indicated for daily care, it acts revitalizing the newly washed hair promoting it to make it soft and soft.

Elaborated with argan, it restores the damaged points of the threads making them stronger and brighter.


Nutrition and Brightness. Disembark. For all types of hair.

It promotes revitalization and intensive hydration of the threads, enhancing the luster and suppleness making them soft and silky.

Elaborated with cassava, nourished the damaged yarns leaving them stronger, healthier and emollient.


1- Shampoo of Argan- 500ml

1- Argan Conditioner - 500ml

1- Argan Mask - 500g

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