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Ebelle Keratin treatment without Formol 1 kg

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Organic Brazilian smoothing without formaldehyde 1 kg.

Progress i-Organic Liss


The best formaldehyde-free hair straightening product based on the power of organic acids.

Ebelle Professional is known for developing excellent products with natural and organic active ingredients. Ebelle now presents a new concept of hair sealants

Progress Organic Liss.

Developed for professional use, the Progress Organic Liss cream sealer contains a mixture of organic acids, extracted from nature. It contains shea and olive butter, vitamins A and E in addition to vegetable oils of avocado and Ojon.

This mixture rich in natural active ingredients offers a reduction in volume, smooth - including afro-descending hair, emollience and shine as well as being compatible with all chemicals.

Concentrated and homogeneous cream sealer for better performance.


Wash with an anti-residue shampoo.

Towel dry.

Apply the product to the hair with a brush and comb, respecting the distance of 0.5 cm. scalp.

Leave to act for 60 minutes.

Rinse, remove all the product and dry your hair well.

Finish by brushing and using the board in fine strands between 200 and 230 ° C (390-450 ° F) for natural hair - Bleached hair 180 to 200 ° C (350-390 ° F). 10 to 15 times each strand.

Finalization of the process. It is not necessary to wash.