Escova Progressiva Um Só Passo Select Blond 1L- Prohall
  • Escova Progressiva Um Só Passo Select Blond 1L- Prohall

Escova Progressiva Um Só Passo Select Blond 1L- Prohall

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With the powerful action of thermal crystallization and a formula completely free of formaldehyde, the Select Blond progressive brush eliminates excessive volume and rebuilds the hair fiber while standardizing hair color, eliminating yellowish tones.


With an exclusive formulation without formaldehyde and with the modern Lumini system, the Select Blond progressive brush acts directly on the hair core, realigns, reconstructs and repairs damage. Ensure superior smoothing performance while its tinting effect unifies blonde tones.


- Result of superior and lasting softness;
- Very hydrated hair;
- Yarns without yellowish tones;
- Nutrition;
- Reconstruction;
- Repair of damage;
- Reduction of frizz;
- Protection;
- Easy application.


Lumini system: intelligent active agent responsible for the retexturization of the hair fiber, which intelligently provides conditioning and three-dimensional shine, reducing volume and eliminating frizz;

Açaí Oil: active source of essential fatty acids and flavonoids, phytosteroids and anthocyanins. These antioxidant substances act against the effects of free radicals, delay cell aging and improve hydration;

Hydrolyzed collagen: natural active ingredient which provides elasticity, resistance and flexibility to the threads, recovering the fiber from damage suffered after chemical powders;

Lactic acid: powerful active ingredient that penetrates the inner layer of the hair, promoting cuticle repair and damage treatment, while restoring the natural shine and hydration of the hair.

1 - Divide the hair into four parts.

2 - Starting at the nape of the neck, apply the product over the entire length of the hair, strand by strand, using a brush and comb.

3 - Wait from 40 minutes to 1 hour depending on the degree of porosity of the wire.

4 - Rinse and remove 100% of the product.

5 - Pre-dry 50% humidity

6 - Divide the hair into four parts and flatten the fine strands 10 to 15 times at a temperature of 180 ° C.

7 - Rinse your hair and apply the Biomask mask for a better result.


Healthy, hydrated and soft hair with intense shine and no frizz for much longer