Brazilian Smoothing Organic Ony Liss Blowout Without Formol 720ml

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Progressive Organic Brush Without Formol Ony Liss BLOWOUT KERATIN

Progressive Organic Ony Liss is completely without formalin, has in its formula tinting pigment, that is, can be used in blond hair or discolored quietly.

Hairy Reconstructor without Formol Ony Liss Hair Treat provides a perfect smooth, not to mention that leaves your hair soft and intense shine, thanks to an active joint that contains ingredients rich in vitamins and proteins.

Progressive Organic Brush Without Formol Ony Liss can be used on any hair that needs smoothing and treatment. Especially for rebellious hair and frizz.

How to Use Organic Formol-Free Reconstructor Ony Liss

Wash your hair with Deep Cleansing Shampoo.

Rinse and dry 90% of the threads.

Apply the Organic Progressive Ony Liss Hair Treat and a break of 25 to 35 minutes, depending on the intensity of hydration you want to achieve.

Remove the hair product with water only in the washbasin and pre-dry 50%.

Make a brush, debt the hair into 4 pieces, and plank until you notice the sealing of the strands.


01 Organic Brush Capillary Reconstructor Ony Liss 720ml