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Paris Lisse Brunett 500ml Sorali

The kit LISSE PARIS has been specially developed to smooth any type of hair. The SORALI Cosmetic range from PARIS gives the hair an intense stiffness with shine and prevents the color change of the hair. Its active ingredients are: lactobionic acid, lactic acid, black pearl powder, pomegranate extract and chamomile. Three formulas to adapt the smoothing to each type of hair: SMOOTH BRUNETT for hair not colored or not discolored, SMOOTH BLOND for hair colored in shades of blonde and SMOOTH RED for redheads. It is also a smoothing: organic, without formalin, without ammonium, without thioglicolates, compatible with colorations and other smoothings and which does not present strong odors or irritating the mucous membranes.
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Kit ParisParis Lisse Brunett

Thermal finisher especially for brunettes.

Developed specifically to rebuild, smooth, reduce volume and return properties of dark hair, lost through the use of chemicals and sunlight.

The Black Pearl Extract returns capillary hair, keratin, cysteine ​​and amino acids to the hair, which increase the number of electrostatic bonds in the strands and increase tensile strength. It causes the reduction of volume and smoothing through the alignment of the fibers promoted by the organic acids, which guarantees brightness and softness.

Compatible with all chemicals. No formaldehyde or any of its derivatives. Smoothing actives: Lactic and Lactobionic Acids.

Application Protocol:

Reconstructor shampoo (N ° 1):

- Wash the hair 1 to 2 times with the Reconstructor Shampoo

- Rinse

- Dry the hair completely with the hair dryer


RED SMOOTH treatment:

- Apply the treatment on the whole length to 0,5 cm of the root avoiding the scalp

- Leave for 40 minutes

- Rinse 20 to 40% of the hair

- Dry the hair completely without blow drying

- Pass the plates (ceramic or tetanium) 8 to 12 times on each very fine wick or until the hair is smooth and flexible, between 180 and 210 ° C

- Rinse thoroughly and style as 



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