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Clean and Care Shampoo

With exclusive Tricomplex technology

Discovery Express - Clean and Care Shampoo. It is a Shampoo with differentiated formula, with exclusive Tricomplex technology (wheat protein, d-panthenol and keratin). In addition to sanitizing, it prepares the wires to receive the booster sealant with apple stem cells.

How to use: Wet the hair and apply the "Clean and Care Shampoo". Massage until it forms an abundant lather. Rinse well. Repeat if necessary. Remove excess water with a towel and dry the hair 60% with the aid of a drier.

Potentiating Sealer

With apple stem cell

Discovery Express - Potentiating Sealer with Apple Trunk Cell. It is a different line of reduction of volume, which has in its formula the stem cell of a rare species of apple, the Uttwiler Spättlauber. This apple has high regenerative power and when removed from the tree, it is able to last up to 7 months without spoiling. When applied, Discovery Express is completely safe as it acts directly on the layers of hydrogen, aligning the hair cuticle from the first application, without damaging them, giving a smooth and uniform appearance.

How to use: 1) Wash the hair with "Clean and Care Shampoo" massaging until it forms an abundant foam. Rinse and repeat operation. 2) Apply with the aid of a brush the "sealer with an apple stem cell", wick to the wick, respecting the distance of 0.5cm of the scalp. 3) Leave on for 60 minutes. Rinse and dry the wires thoroughly. 4) Apply the "Finishing Spray" over the entire length of the hair, make a very smooth brush and plank thin wicks between 200ºc and 230ºc. No need to rinse.

Spray Finisher

With thermoprotection

Discovery Express - Finishing Spray. Spray Thermoactivated, formulated with protective filters and multifunctional silicones that shield and protect the color. Sela and sets the tips leaving silky hair with softness and intense shine.

How to use: Spray on the hair, moist or dry, as desired.

Allowed for use in pregnant women, infants and children under 11 years.

Indication: For all types of hair.

This kit contains:

1 Clean and Care Shampoo - 1L

1 Sealing with apple stem cell - 1L

1 Thermo Protector Spray - 170ml


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