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Colorplex FÓRMULA 1937 Hair Mask 500g - Macaúba Brasil
  • Colorplex FÓRMULA 1937 Hair Mask 500g - Macaúba Brasil

Colorplex FÓRMULA 1937 Hair Mask 500g - Macaúba Brasil

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Colorplex Hair Mask FÓRMULA 1937 - How to protect the hair from fading.

Is it possible to bleach hair without damaging it? Anyone who discolours hair, knows that it is not easy to maintain them well.

But now it will be possible to have platinum hair and in extreme blonde tones, without breaking, without getting drunk.

Now know 3 advantages of using the Colorplex 1937 Hair Formula during bleaching:

-How does Colorplex work in the fading process?

By adding Colorplex to the mixture of bleaching and oxidizing powders, we will have a natural competitiveness between them. Fortunately, the existing assets in the colorplex are faster than the oxygen released by the oxidant and first arrive at the hair, generating protection, then oxygen paper and discolor hair.

-Does Colorplex Formula 1937 help to lighten hair?

No, it has the function of protection and reconstruction, it allows the hair to stay healthy during the process of discoloration.

-With regard to the action time, how long does it take to fade with the 1937 Colorplex Formula?

The discoloration process with Formula 1937 colorplex can slow down, because it contains antioxidants to protect the fiber, so that the action of oxygen that fills the hair discoloration becomes slower and does not attack the hair. times the hair fiber.

We can not know exactly how long it will take for the discoloration, as it depends on various factors such as the desired step, the thickness of the hair, the weather conditions and the material used.

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