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Best Smooth Royal Power Premium NATURELLE 1L
  • Best Smooth Royal Power Premium NATURELLE 1L

Best Smooth Royal Power Premium NATURELLE 1L

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Best Smooth Royal Power Premium

Naturelle's Best Smooth Royal Power provides a perfect alignment of the hair scales giving smooth, low-volume hair. Enriched with an important source of natural antioxidant substances that stop the oxidation of free radicals, combating the premature aging of the hair fiber. It replenishes nutrients, keratin and essential lipids for hair restructuring, restoring weakened and damaged areas, repairing double stitches and instantly restoring the softness and shine of hair.


* Presents a smaller molecular structure for greater absorption and performance.

* High bio-affinity with the hair fiber.

* Provides a magnificent result of intensive protection and immediate restoration.

* Ensures hydration and nutrition of the yarn during the straightening process, this way it is a totally safe product for all types of hair including can be applied on pregnant and children.

* Promote nourishment and nutrition at the same time. keeping the blond, gray and discolored hair even more nourished and preserving the color of natural hair.


Acids: lactic, hyaluronic, tannic acid.


Thyme can act as a good hair softener.

Rosemary to stimulate growth and strengthen the hair bulb.

Sage and its natural enzymes and their vitamins allow us to regulate excess dandruff.

Nopal, this plant has an excellent composition to repair all type of hair mistreated by the sun, the dye and the use of the dryer.

Grape Seed Oil: This oil is rich in vitamin E, vitamin C and beta-carotene. This oil is considered a natural remedy to make the hair grow faster because vitamin E acts on strengthening and contributes to make hair brighter and stronger. Its non-greasy texture allows for rapid absorption through the wires and scalp.

Plant Amino Acids: Developed from the combination of conditioning polymers and amino acids obtained from rice, soybean, wheat and corn seeds, which have a nutritive and remineralizing action, they interact with the damaged spots of the hair fiber, recovering the luster and the silkiness of the threads.

Marine Algae Biopolymers: Marine algae are rich sources of inorganic and organic components, such as mineral salts, iodine compounds, trace elements, proteins, carbohydrates, amino acids, organic acids and vitamins.

Nanoconstruct: Exclusive technology of state-of-the-art conditioning nanoparticles. It has a highly revitalizing power for damaged hair, penetrates deeply into the cortex, loading the nutrients of the formula, providing emolliency and protein mass in all layers of the hair fiber.

Pigments Violet: removed from the blue orchid, totally vegetal, that guarantees the power of natural tinting.


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