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  • INOAR G HAIR Progressive brush keratin german formul traitement KIT 34 oz (1000ml) / x 12 kits: 1279 euros

INOAR G HAIR Progressive brush keratin german formul traitement KIT 34 oz (1000ml)

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G Hair Progressive Brush with German Formula - 3x1 Liter Kit

The G Hair Progressive Brush is a product tested and approved by professionals worldwide and licensed by ANVISA. This progressive brush is an excellent choice for anyone with damaged hair and has curly yarn. Its formulation is composed of Cocoa Oil and Keratin, which penetrate the hair in an effective and lasting way. In addition to smoothing and reducing volume, treat fragile wires from the root to the tips forming a protective film on the outside of the fiber while keeping hair shiny and natural smooth.

How to Use: 
- Wash your hair with Deep Cleansing Shampoo (Step 1) by gently massaging the wires. 
Leave it on for a few minutes and repeat the wash. 
- Remove the moisture from the wires with a towel and a drier. 
- Separate the hair into four parts. 
- Apply the Antivolume Treatment (Step 2), starting near the root (keeping a distance of 1 cm from the scalp) and spread the product throughout the hair with a fine comb. 
- Leave it on for 20 minutes. 
- Dry 80% of the threads with a dryer at warm temperature. Importantly, this step is drying the hair with the treatment, one should not rinse it with water.
- Still with the treatment in the hair, separate fine wicks and pass the board of 7 to 10 times to obtain a perfect alignment in the wires. 
- Wash the hair with water to remove the product and dry the wires completely. 
- Apply the Finishing Mask (Step 3) on the dry hair wick and leave to act by wicking the threads for 5 minutes. 
- Rinse by removing all the product and finish with a brush.

- Damaged and chemically damaged hair is reduced in volume, without frizz with the shine you deserve. Buy Your German G Hair Brush now.

Kit Contains: 
1 - Deep Cleansing Shampoo 1000ml. 
1 - Antivolume Treatment 1000ml. 

1 - Finishing Mask 1000ml.


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