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Botox Capilar Tratamento Sos 1kg - Ônix Liss
  • Botox Capilar Tratamento Sos 1kg - Ônix Liss

Botox Capilar Tratamento Sos 1kg - Ônix Liss

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Ônix Liss Hair Botox is a powerful reconstructor of hair fibers, it contains active ingredients that restore softness and hydration to hair; reduce the volume and treat damaged hair while ensuring perfect straightness. It is compatible with any chemical and hair with a durability of 20 to 30 days except for growth. Hair can be washed immediately after application.
Composed of 1Kg of Capillary Botox (pH 4.5) - Onyx Liss Capox Botox treats the entire structure of the fibers, keeping the threads aligned, nourished, strong, healthy and without frizz. The Ojon Oil base is perfect for restoring the vitality of the threads, promotes deep hydration and the malleability of the threads.

Wet your hair and apply the Onyx Liss anti-residue shampoo by rubbing all the hair from root to tip. Reapply the shampoo repeating the same process. Then rinse all the hair and dry it 100%.

Begin the application of the product, using a comb and a brush, pass the product only on the top of the lock, near the root, with the comb spread the product to the ends, then leave act for 15 minutes (if you prefer to use thermal cap). Then bring the client to the sink and rinse the hair, with the towel, remove the excess water.

Divide the applied part into fine strands. Then brush and boards

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