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Shampoo Spumalisa BTX amino PRO (1L) - Madamelis

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This system promotes the reduction of the entire capillary volume when activated by the heat of the dryer and flat iron. The BTX amino PRO® system contains the main 19 amino acids in exact proportions that temporarily interact and disrupt sulfur bonds. The way sulfur bonds are bonded in the intercellular cement of the wire determines the shape of the hair giving the natural wavy and even smooth wavy effect. In the BTX amino PRO system, after brushing and boarding the hair, we transmit information by combining the 19 amino acids necessary to prevent hair from re-curling temporarily. SpumaLisa shampoo is compatible with all types of chemicals, does not smell, and does not promote irritability.


The treatment lasts for 2 to 3 months, and can be done again at any time after the first application;

The whole process has an average duration of 1.5 hours.


How to use:

1 - In the sink wash the hair and remove all excess water;

2 - Apply SpumaLisa Shampoo from the roots to the ends without rubbing the scalp, until forming a creamy foam.

3 - During the application of the product do not add water;

4 - Let the product act for 20 minutes, and after this period rinse all hair removing all shampoo;

5 - Dry the hair 100% with the dryer, make an excellent brushing and apply the flat iron in medium strands 6 to 8 times;

6 - Wash your hair in 24 hours for a better result.


Professional Beauty Tip:

- Prior to applying the SpumaLisa shampoo, if your hair has many impurities from natural oils or products such as non-rinse repair and finish oils, we recommend applying a deep cleansing shampoo before beginning the process.



01 - Spumalisa Btx Pro Madamelis Shampoo - 1L


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