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Shampoo Spumalisa Mattifying BTX Pro (300ml) – Madamelis

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The Spuma Lisa Mattifying shampoo has been specially developed for blonde hair. It Alisa and Tint at the same time in a single application.


How to use:

1 - In the sink wash the hair and remove all excess water.

2 - Apply the SpumaLisa Shampoo Root Tint the tips "without rubbing the scalp", massaging gently to form a creamy foam.

3 - During the application of the product do not add water.

4 - Let the product act for 10 to 20 minutes;

5 - As the product has the function of tinting blonde hair, should be analyzed only at this time if the hair has arrived the desired color, since the function of straightening 10 to 20 minutes is enough to straighten blonde hair;

6 - After this period rinse removing all the shampoo.

7 - Dry the hair 90% with the dryer, make an excellent brushing and apply the flat iron in medium strands 4 to 8 times.

8 - Wash your hair in 24 hours for a better result.


Professional Beauty Tips:

- Before applying the SpumaLisa shampoo, if your hair has many impurities caused by natural oils or products such as non-rinse repair and finishers, we recommend applying a deep cleansing shampoo before beginning the process so that all these impurities removed.

- We recommend applying a moisturizing mask only to detangle hair more easily and then rinse without break time.



01 - Spuma Lisa Mattifying Shampoo - 300ml


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