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Mask Capillary Growth Hair Força Bruta (1kg) – Madamelis

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Everything you expected is here! The ideal treatment has come to help you have the hair you have dreamed of. This way Madamelis has developed a complete system to make your hair grow faster!

The accumulation of oiliness in the scalp causes a decrease in blood circulation which suffocates the hair bulb and does not let the hair grow from the inside out. With an efficient cleansing and a powerful combination of assets the Madamelis Brute Force line stimulates hair growth, fortifying and moisturizing the hair leaving them extremely healthy.

In addition to proper cleaning we have also created a protein system that everything your hair needs to withstand external aggressions, mechanical and chemical processes.



With exclusive technology these products have the main sources of capillary strengthening and energy:

WHEYPROTEIN, FILCORTEX, CREATINE and COCONUT. Finish your search here for your long hair.



All types of hair, especially those with fall and break.


Top Assets

Whey protein: Protein extracted from whey. It works by ensuring the maintenance of the fabrics of the protein net, making the hair stronger and ensuring that it will resist the aggressions caused by mechanical processes such as brushes, flat iron, babyliss as well as external aggressions such as sun and pollution.

Filcortex: Recovery and immediate replacement of amino acids.

Creatine:Another Essential Element for Creatine Amino Acid Replacement Creatine is one of the proteins that make a difference in hair. The amino acid set recovers the hair fiber and forms a protective barrier against external agents.

Coconut: Repairs dry and damaged yarns as it has moisturizing and conditioning agents that improve yarn texture and suppleness.


Benefits to Hair

- Accelerated growth;

- Hair Strengthening;

- Avoid the fall;

- Moisturizes the Stressed Yarns

- Intense brightness;

- Softness;

- Restores the health of the hair bulb.


How to use:

After washing with the Brute Force Shampoo (available in our store) apply the Brute Force Mask with damp hair all over the hair area. Gently massage the lock of the lock and also the scalp. Let stand for 5 minutes. Rinse normally and finish as desired.



- 01 Brute Force Mask 1Kg.


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