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Escova de Cristal (500ml) - Ônix Liss

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Onyx Liss Crystal Brushis an unmatched intensive treatment that promotes volume reduction and straightening, providing deep hydration and cauterization of the hair fiber. Its formula combines actives that moisturizes the hair, giving high power of softness and silky shine.

It has been specially developed to be interspersed with the use of progressive ones and can also be used as a brush product.


The Onyx Liss Crystal Brush when used post-progressive acts as a product for maintenance and greater durability of the chemical process, removes the signs of curling, moisturizes, realigns the hair, giving softness and silkiness.


When used as a pre-brush, it acts as a thermal protector, protecting the wires from heat damage caused by drying and flat iron. Leaves an immediate shine on hair and an enviable finish. Provides increased durability of smooth appearance and reduced volume.

It is compatible with any chemistry and hair.


Crystal Brush Composed to 500ml (pH 4.5) - The base of special oils that promote hair deep hydration and suppleness. Its formulation reduces the volume and realigns the wires.

Makes an average of 40 applications.




   - Progressive Hair: Wash with Moisturizing Shampoo then rinse well.

   - Hair without Progressive: Wash with Anti-residue Shampoo then rinse well.



1 - Dry the hair with the help of the dryer between 80% and 100%.

2 - Divide the hair into 4 parts: forehead to the nape and ear to ear.

3 - Start applying the product, spraying only on the top of the lock, near the root, with the comb spread the product to the tips.



1 - Divide the applied part into thin strands. Then proceed with brushing and then smoothing hair straighter.

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