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Kit japonese keratin treatment Honma Tokyo Coffee premium + coco verde

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Japanese straightening is the new super revolution for all girls who dream of having smooth and shiny hair without blow-drying and straighteners!

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 Even the most rebellious hair will be smooth and definitely!

 Japanese smoothing is born from the latest hair technologies.

The process consists of reshaping the hair by acting on its internal structure, then freezing it so that it is reborn into a stiff, silky soft and especially permanent form.

It also makes it possible to inject all the nutritive and assimilable elements necessary for the proper development of the hair fiber

(keratin, collagen, amino acids and ceramides ...)

So the hair is not only stiff and silky but also repaired from the inside.

The permanent Japanese Smoothing requires from 3 to 6 hours of realization according to the characteristics of your hair (density, length, previous treatments ...) the prices vary from 350 € to 700 € on estimate to avoid bad surprises.

This straightening technique has several steps, and must be performed on a non-sensitized hair, this service requires a preliminary diagnosis made with your professional hairdresser.

One retouch per year will be necessary to treat the repelling roots.

Japanese smoothing is done in several steps to completely transform the nature of the hair:

• The hair is stripped chemically

• Then, a smoothing with the iron is realized wick by wick

• The result is then reinforced with the application of another product, which will redefine the new texture of the hair.

Advantages ?

 Your hair will be smooth, soft and for a long time. In addition, this treatment includes care and can therefore smooth the hair without damaging them. Hair does not burn after shampoo or moisture.


Some websites market formulas that are supposed to reproduce this effect.

Be wary and prefer the techniques of a professional hairdresser, accustomed to this very particular method.

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