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Caviar Pearls Blond Progressive Brush 2x1L - Widi Care
  • Caviar Pearls Blond Progressive Brush 2x1L - Widi Care

Caviar Pearls Blond Progressive Brush 2x1L - Widi Care

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Intensive moisturizing and professional hair alignment system for blond hair with exclusive Widi Care technology combined with vegetable oils and anti-yellowing actives that provide hair realignment, frizz control and protection of the color of blond hair as well as nourishing and moisturizing.

Indication: for blond hair, naturis, discolored, with wicks, wavy or curly.


- Caviar Extract: Reconstructive Function

- Quinoa Extract: Protein Replenisher and Nutrition

- Argan Oil: Nutrition and Antioxidant Action

- Amino acids: strengthening function.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Use the product in a non-metallic container with the aid of a comb or brush. Always wick the test before beginning treatment.

1 • Wash your hair with Blond Pretreatment Shampoo Caviar  (STEP 1), emulsify and rinse. Repeat application, leave on for 3 minutes and rinse.

2 • Remove excess water with a towel. Divide the hair into 4 equal parts

3 • .Place gloves and start applying blond Caviar Extract Caviar Pearls (STEP 2) in thin wicks with a brush; preferably start from the nape of the neck to the front of the head. Apply throughout the hair evenly. After the complete application, start counting the time according to the type of hair indicated in the guidance table.

4 • After the break time, rinse thoroughly and use a moisturizing shampoo to completely remove the product.

5 • Dry the hair with a brush and dryer until it is 100% dry. After brushing, warm the plate to 180ºC and pass in thin wicks 7 to 10 times until completely seal the cuticle capillary. The treatment is finished.

Orientation table:

Fine hair - 20 minutes l Medium hair - 40 minutes l Thick hair - 60 minutes

Benefits and Results

• Deep Hydration;

• Volume Reduction;

• Anti-Frizz;

• Intense Brightness;

• Anti-yellowing;

• Color protection.


- Shampoo 1L

- Caviar Extract 1L

Widi Care

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