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Argiloterapia - Argilotherapy All Nature - (Mini Kit)

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Argilotherapy - All Nature - (Mini Kit) Cosmetic Capillary Cosmetic, High Performance Reconstruction


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Argilotherapy - Cosmetic Hair Care

With All Nature's Argilotherapy you will have in a single application results superior to 2 applications of the best products offered by the market, be it national or imported and up to 5 applications of the most common brands.

Argilotherapy is a hair reconstruction product that treats the scalp and hair strand in all its needs, the products that make up the kit form developed with state-of-the-art assets that provide such results.

Used and acclaimed by professional hairdressers as a product capable of rebuilding hair extremely damaged by chemical processes such as smoothing, relaxation, permanent, tinctures, discolorations, wicks and even the progressive and definitive brushes that have become a fever of the moment.

The Argilotherapy Unidose Kit  is composed of:

Antisetrual Oil 33ml 
Plastic Mask 100g 
Soft Shampoo 33ml 
Masque Selante 33ml

Kit Sufficient for an application on medium hairs or two on short hairs.

Antiseptic Oil

Provides deep cleaning of wires. It contains a synergistic blend of oily, natural, sterile components and  wetting agents that remove waste and debris from conditioning agents and previously applied products.

Plastic Mask

Hydration inside and out of yarn, Rich in nutrition and conditioning agents for hair and scalp. Contains a mix of amino acids based on arginine, cystine, glycine and 20  amino acids of wheat, which penetrate easily into the hairline and scalp, provide intense nutrition. The effect of the assets is potentiated by the plastic cap, resulting in greater effectiveness of action. The cap will dry after 20 minutes, favoring the nutrition of the hair and scalp, and can be rinsed easily after the time of action.

Soft Shampoo

Removes the mask without losing its hydration, it has mild surfactants to remove organic waste from the clay. It does not remove assets, because the clay mask has already deeply moisturized the structure of the hair fiber and the scalp.

Sealant Mask

The perfect ending. Its formula closes the cuticle leaving sealed reflecting high gloss. The hair loses the porosity caused by  chemical processes that deetrate the hair fiber. The mask presents the technological innovation of associating the active Luna Matrix with CMC Capillary, treating the wire intensely leaving it hydrophobic, that is, with appearance and water permeability similar to virgin hair.

After 5 minutes of massage the mask must be rinsed in order to perform a brush finishing the process.

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