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Naturale Coconut Oil Macadamia Organic Deep Hair Mask Straightening 1Kg
  • Naturale Coconut Oil Macadamia Organic Deep Hair Mask Straightening 1Kg

Naturale Coconut Oil Macadamia Organic Deep Hair Mask Straightening 1Kg

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Benefits of Btx Naturale Brasil:
- 100% organic
- 100% Vegan
- Does not thin the hair
- Does not cause burning in the eyes
- Does not have a strong smell
- Does not yellow the wires
- Does not fade colored hair
- Free of formaldehyde and derivatives (does not contain glyoxylic acid)
- Completely safe product
- Btx Naturale Brasil is Compatible with Chemicals and Colorings
- Promotes Hair Growth

Organic Btx Naturale Brasil has no forml and derivatives or cumulative effects, and can be used on any type of hair.

Naturale Brasil is a versatile, complete and high-performance product. It has active systems that act on the hair and hair bulb, ensuring effective and safe results in the treatment, disciplining and rebuilding the strands.

Promotes the alignment of damaged strands, eliminating frizz, reducing volume, rich in moisturizing and nourishing properties, which act to repair damage and restore the fiber, rebuilding and deeply hydrating, restoring nutrition, shine and natural softness to the hair.

It has no smell, does not produce smoke and does not cause burning in the eyes.

Btx Naturale Brasil components:
- Biotin
- Coconut oil
- Macadamia

Suitable for all hair types

Active principles:
Organic Citric Acid Blends
Amino Acid Blends

Compatible with all chemicals and colors (including henê) - We recommend carrying out a strand test to check the resistance of your hair.

Application Advice:
After washing your hair with your favorite regular shampoo, dry your hair 100% (do not brush). Apply Naturale Brasil Deep Hair Mask with a comb evenly over the entire length of the hair. Let it rest for 20 minutes, rinse, removing 100% of the product with just running water, then dry 100% with a brush and dryer, finish with a straightener, thin strands of 5 to 10 times.

Result: Hair without frizz, disciplined, with movement, aligned and hydrated.
- Hydrates;
- Reduces volume;
- Silkiness;
- Frizz reduction;
- Repairs hair fiber;
- Sealing the wires.

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