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Blue Green Vegan Hair Straightening Brush 1L
  • Blue Green Vegan Hair Straightening Brush 1L

Blue Green Vegan Hair Straightening Brush 1L

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- What is it for?
Considered one of the best on the market, suitable for the vegan philosophy, it aligns the strands in a natural way, providing intense straightness, loose hair, with lots of shine. No suffering, no crying, no discomfort, free from 0% formaldehyde.

- How to use?
Place the product in a non-metallic bowl.
Hair needs to be washed if the strands are dirty for 2 days. (2 days without washing and very dirty) if you wash, dry 70% with the dryer.
With damp hair, apply the product using a brush, glove and a fine comb, separating the strands to distribute it evenly from root to tip, always avoiding the scalp. Leave to act for 60 minutes.
After the break, rinse the product 100% with just water, dry your hair completely with the help of a hairdryer, and perform a quick brushing to align the strands.
Iron the straightener (straightener or piastra) at a temperature of 200 to 200° in thin strands, 8 to 10 times on each strand.
After straightening and cold hair, wash again with shampoo and mask, finish as usual with the help of a hairdryer.

- Result:
Hair with a natural appearance, straight and shiny, seals the cuticle and restores mass, recovering the hair structure, leaving the hair looking hydrated.

- Benefits:
- For all hair types
- Eliminates up to 100% of frizz, waves and frizz
- Natural extracts
- No burning
- No tears
- Free from animal matter
- Not tested on animals
- High smooth durability

- Composition:
Shea Butter: constitutes a barrier against UVA and UVB rays, forming a natural sunscreen on the hair, being a great ally in protecting the hair in high temperatures.

Coconut Oil: Fatty acids, most of which are caprylic acid, lauric acid and capric acid, proteins. promotes the sealing of the hair, in addition to providing shine and softness to it.

Quinoa Extract: rich in amino acids that help repair damage caused to the hair structure

Flaxseed extract: Due to its emollient properties;
To restore oiliness, promoting hydration and nutrition of the hair fiber, reducing frizz;

Glyoxyloyl Keratin Amino Acids: Glyoxyloyl hydrolyzed triticum aestivum protein/sericin
Actives obtained from the condensation of Glyoxylic acid, with highly efficient and long-lasting hair alignment and frizz control properties

The application of the Progressive Brush should be carried out by a professional hairdresser who already knows and works with the products. The product should not be used if the client has a sensitive, irritated or injured scalp. It is not recommended for use in pregnant women, nursing mothers and children. The store is not responsible for misuse or misuse of products. Read the instructions carefully before use. The average amount of product to be applied is 50 ml on medium-sized hair.

-01 Green Vegan Semi Definitive Vegan Progressive Brush 1L